Affordable Prescription Eyeglasses in St. Paul, Minnesota


Provide clear vision for your eyes with the prescription sunglasses offered by New Look Vision in St. Paul, Minnesota. Our store has a large selection of fun and affordable glasses in modern and vintage styles, and our glasses are able to fit children, men, women, and seniors.

We have metal and plastic frames with the newest lenses, as well as frames of varying materials and state-of-the-art digital bifocals. Our store also has glasses from several brand names like Legre™, Fysh™, Angelo Futuro™, and Ray Ban®. Once you select the frames you want, we can provide them for you in as little as an hour.


Quality Service for You

Our store has a friendly and knowledgeable staff available to address any concerns you have. Our staff can fill all types of prescriptions on location.


Contact our store in St. Paul, Minnesota, to sharpen your vision with our prescription eyeglasses.